How To Take Care Of Your Trees This Summer

Posted on: 13 April 2021

Summer is a wonderful time for the trees on your property. Throughout the summer season, you can expect your trees to bloom fully and grow far more than they do any other season. Because of this, the warmer months of the year is a great time to add some effort into assisting in the flourishing of your trees. In order to ensure that your trees are able to thrive during the summer, there are a few maintenance tasks that you will need to do.
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Challenges For A Tree Removal

Posted on: 30 March 2021

Removing a tree isn't always as easy as chopping through the trunk. Safety concerns, combined with the size of the tree, can lead to major challenges.  Nearby Buildings Large trees growing near the house or up against a building pose the risk of damaging the building's structure during removal. A tree service has to work carefully, typically in segments, in order to remove the tree with no damage to the buildings that are nearby.
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EAB Infestation? There Is A Treatment Now

Posted on: 11 March 2021

The emerald ash borer has been ravaging ash trees across the United States for some time. This insect invaded so quickly and furiously that arborists and scientists were not initially able to do much for the trees that became infested. Owners just came to accept that if an ash tree became infested with emerald ash borers, that tree would soon die.  Now, however, that is all changing — and EAB infestations are not, necessarily, a death sentence.
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5 Reasons Not To Put Off Tree Pruning

Posted on: 3 March 2021

To humans, trees may seem to grow very slowly, so pruning a tree to keep it growing correctly may not seem like the most urgent task. However, if you procrastinate on this task, a variety of problems could arise. Here are five reasons not to put off tree pruning.  1. Pruning at regular intervals can help control disease One priority at any tree pruning session is removing branches that are diseased.
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