How To Remove A Tree Nearby Power Lines

Posted on: 14 April 2023


Tree removal can be hazardous, especially if you are removing a tree nearby a power line. When a tree grows too close to a power line, it can create a fire hazard. Removing the tree can also be much more dangerous because of the risk of electrocution. However, there are ways a professional service can remove it safely.

Dead and Dying Trees

Trees need to be removed if they are dead or dying. When dying, the tree might fall because it has become too damaged. It will need to be removed carefully. Part of the reason why it might be failing is that it has been invested in pests, and they might also spread to other trees. 

Trees That Are Too Close to Power Lines and Other Structures

Another concern when removing trees near power lines is that the power lines themselves might become damaged. This type of incident can be expensive. Also, the risk of a potential injury is the primary reason you should work with a tree removal specialist who handles hazardous tree removal situations. They have the equipment necessary to remove a tree safely.

The tree might be growing too close to the structure. If so, it will need to be removed carefully so that it doesn't damage the structure and the tree doesn't damage your building. It might also need to be removed because they interfere with construction.

You Might Not Want the Tree

Another reason to eliminate a tree is simply that it's not wanted. It might be blocking your view, or you want to plant a different tree. Either way, you can contact a professional tree removal service to help out.

The Tree Removal Process

A hazardous tree removal service can use a crane or bucket to remove the tree from above. It can take the tree down carefully with ropes and pulleys. You should not do this yourself because you need the equipment to take it down safely. You can direct the tree's fall so that it doesn't cause accidents or hit anyone.

The best way to control how the tree falls is to use a tree service with experience removing a tree near power lines. They will assess the situation and determine the best way to remove the tree. 

Make sure to have a good plan on how to remove the tree. You may need to be able to remove it, relocate it, or prune it. The tree service needs to know your area so that it can use a method of removing the effective tree.

To learn more, contact a hazardous tree removal service in your area such as Gastelum Tree Service.