Get Stumps Removed

Posted on: 19 December 2022


Removing a tree from your yard can mean leaving you with a stump in your lawn. Some people think leaving a stump in your yard isn't a big deal, but it can turn into a big deal. When you get your tree removed, make sure the stump goes as well, for several reasons.  

Living Spaces

One big reason to get rid of any stumps on your property is that a stump can be a really attractive living space for a wide variety of creatures. All creatures want to find a safe place to live, and a stump can be that. Everything from bees to raccoons will move into that attractive living space sitting on your lawn. Rodents can destroy your property because they will crawl all over everything and gnaw on it. Letting a rodent get a foothold in your property can let them quickly move into your house. Bees and other stinging insects can create a hive in that stump and can be protective and aggressive in protecting their new home. 


Leaving a stump in your yard can ruin any aesthetic you have been working on for your house and yard. It can be an eyesore, and that can be upsetting to you. If you live in an area with a homeowner's association, you can also run into problems with them over the stump. You could end up paying a fine or some other penalty. Having a service grind the stump down and remove it from your yard will keep your aesthetic firmly in place. 


This isn't something that will happen on every stump, but some stumps can regrow a new tree from a stump. In fact, the practice called coppicing takes advantage of regrowth abilities. A coppiced tree can be cut, and a new tree will grow back from that stump. While that can be great for lumber management, it is less great for your yard. Getting rid of stumps eliminates the risk of having a new tree sprouting from the old stump. 

When you have a tree removed, make sure that the tree service you hired removes the stump. Getting rid of that stump can be just as important as getting rid of the rest of the tree. It shouldn't take the tree service very long to grind the stump down so that it no longer exists on your property, and it is worth having done. 

Speak to stump removal services to learn more.