3 Important Safety Reasons to Hire a Tree Trimming Service

Posted on: 24 August 2020


You've probably seen properties where trees have grown wild for years. Thick tree growth makes a property look spooky, and it can also make the property smell musty due to all the shade and mold growth. Trees that are properly trimmed enhance your property and make it more beautiful. While trimming for beauty is important, a more important reason to trim trees is safety. Here are three safety benefits of regular tree trimming.

1. Drivers and Pedestrians Can See More Clearly

If your trees are near the road or sidewalk, they can become a hazard if they block the view of drivers or people out walking. You might even be fined by your city if you don't maintain the trees. Lower branches should be cut back so they don't block the view of people in cars, especially if you live on a corner or an intersection. Plus, your trees need to be trimmed away from the sidewalk so kids on bicycles, walkers, and people in wheelchairs can pass without having to push branches out of the way.

2. Your Kids Won't Be Hurt By Low Branches

When trees aren't trimmed as they grow, lower limbs may grow toward the ground. This puts branches in reach of young kids who may be tempted to pull them or even climb up the bigger branches. Your kids may even forget the branches are there and run into them when playing in the yard and get poked or scratched. If branches are growing toward the ground, hire a tree trimming service to remove the lower branches in a way that doesn't harm the trees but keeps them out of the way so your kids aren't harmed by them.

3. Your House and Roof Are Safer

Trees that grow up close to your house can become a nuisance. Leaves and tree litter might accumulate on your roof, and big branches might fall on the roof during a storm. It's always good to plant new trees far from your house, but if trees are there already, you may need to have a tree trimming service come out every few years to keep branches away from the roof.

You can also lower the risk of damage to your home by having sick, weak, or damaged parts of the trees trimmed away. This keeps tree diseases and pests from spreading throughout the tree and it also eliminates the risk of a weak branch falling and hurting a person, car, or house.