How A Tree Stump Can Be Removed From Your Yard

Posted on: 14 August 2020


Do you have a tree that was recently cut down, and now there is a big stump in your yard? If so, this is not something you have to live with forever, since it is possible to grind down the stump to remove it. Stump grinding is a process that you can either do on your own if you have access to the right tools, or can call in a profession to do it for you. Here is what you need to know about the stump removal process if you are attempting it on your own. .

Trim Down The Stump

The first step involves making the stump as short as possible. This is often done by using a chainsaw to take off additional layers of the stump so that it is close to the ground. Removing a large chunk of the stump in this manner will help the job go faster, especially when opting for stump grinding.

Remove Everything Around The Stump

You'll also need to start digging out the area around the stump for a few reasons. That stump grinder is going to need to get the stump below the surface level, so you should dig out around the stump as deep as you want the stump to go. If not, the grinding equipment will be eventually rubbing against the ground and take much longer to do its job. It is also important to remove any debris or objects that may come in contact with the stump grinder. This includes stones, branches, and anything else that can get in the way.

Clear The Area Before Use

Make sure that everyone is out of the danger zone of the stump grinding equipment. This is generally the front side of the stump grinder where the spinning blade is located. If people are standing outside, make sure they are on the side that you will be standing on with the controls

Grind Down The Stump

The actual process of removing the stump will take some time. You'll need to turn on the stump grinder and slowly chip away at the stump as the spinning blade mulches the wood into small pieces. It is best to go from side to side and slowly grind down sections of the stump. Then move through the stump from front to back until it is removed. 

Does it seem too difficult to do on your own? Contact a professional to do it for you.