3 Tree Care Services For The Autumn Months

Posted on: 14 July 2020


When you think of tree care, you probably think of spring. After all, most pruning and spraying should be done before the tree has a chance to form buds in the early spring months. But fall is also a season that calls for tree care. Whether you perform these services yourself or hire a tree care service to perform them, make sure you check them off the list before autumn turns to winter.

1. Deep Water

Although trees will not be growing very much in the winter, they do need some water to survive. Trees have deep roots and can pull water from deep beneath the ground's surface, but sometimes water becomes scarce down there once things freeze over. You can help your trees out by deep watering them in the fall. Basically, you can just leave a hose out a few feet from the tree's trunk and let it flood the area for an hour or two. A tree care company can also use an injection-type watering device to put the water directly below ground, by the roots where it will be needed.

2. Remove Dead Branches

Fall is not the time to do a thorough pruning session, but it is a good idea to remove any dead or deteriorating branches at this time. You don't want these to still be on the tree when spring comes and insects are active once again. Cut any branches about an inch from the trunk, and sanitize your shears after each cut so you don't spread any diseases from limb to limb.

3. Mulch Around the Tree

Most tree care companies deliver mulch in the fall. They make it from the healthy branches they remove from trees in the spring, and from trees they remove all summer. They'll often spread the mulch for you or leave you to do this yourself. Fall is the perfect time to mulch around trees as the mulch will help keep the soil moist and will also protect the roots from freezing. Make sure you don't pile the mulch directly against the tree trunk, as this can lead to rot. A three-inch layer is sufficient in most cases. 

When the leaves start falling in the fall, take a few minutes to care for your trees. They will thank you by coming back healthier and better than ever in the springtime. Talk to a residential tree care service to learn more.