Could Tree Removal Be The Key To Stopping Your Pest Problems?

Posted on: 7 July 2023


Your trees may be a source of beauty, pride, shade, and even fruit for you and your family, but the things that make those trees so attractive to you can also be attractive to pests, that then wander into your home. While that seems mainly like a pest control issue, the care you give the trees in your yard also plays a role in how hospitable those trees seem to unwanted critters. If you think the source of your pest problems happens to be the trees, you need to get a tree service over to check this out quickly. Sometimes changing the care you give the trees can help, but other times, tree removal may be the only option.

Pruning, Shaping, and Removing Fruit Help Ward Them Off

Your first step is likely going to be changing how you care for the tree. The tree service can help you with some of that, such as pruning or removing fruit from the top of the tree that you can't safely reach. The tree service can also wrap tree bases to make them harder to climb and give you pointers about what to do daily and weekly to make the trees less attractive to the critters. Cleaning up dead palm fronds and fallen leaves is one such task that goes a very long way to transforming those trees from troublesome to terrific.

The tree service can also try removing lower branches and trimming long branches back from your roof line. Keeping trees well-shaped and properly trimmed, including inside the canopy so that there aren't dense clusters of branches, makes the trees less welcoming for anything that would like to hide.

Tree Removal Might Be Necessary for Severe Cases

If it becomes clear that the problem will persist because new pests keep finding your trees, you may have to consider removing the trees in question. This does not mean that you should never have trees in your yard. It does mean that once a tree service removes the trees that the pests like, you'll have to look for species that aren't as attractive, and you'll have to keep them well cared for to make it harder for pests to hide. For example, if you remove palm trees from your yard because rats have been nesting in them, a camphor laurel tree might be a good replacement if you're in a warmer plant hardiness zone. Many tree removal services also handle tree care, so you could look into having that same service do the work to ensure the new tree stays free of pests.

Tree removal may be the key to controlling pest issues you've had in your yard and home. Consult with a tree removal service to see what can be done to keep the tree, and what would be involved in removal if you needed to take that step.