Planning To Trim Overgrown Trees? Ask These Questions Before Starting

Posted on: 26 May 2023


After winter, tree leaves will grow back and form beautiful canopies. While this is expected, sometimes the branches may block your view, get in the way of vehicle or foot traffic, or hit the roofing. When this happens, you will need to consider trimming your tree. This procedure entails cutting particular twigs to ensure you get the desired look without harming the trees. This post will share key questions you should ask before trimming overgrown trees.

What's Wrong with the Trees' Current Form?

Overgrown trees look beautiful and can offer more privacy. However, this doesn't mean that they are in good physical shape. In most cases, trimming is required to ensure the tree remains healthy. 

When the crown is overgrown, infections and insect pests will thrive because the dense crown will block air and sunlight from reaching the interior parts of the tree. Excessive growth also makes the tree unbalanced and unstable, increasing the probability of twig breakage. 

So, before the tree trimming professionals start the work, ask them to outline the disadvantages of keeping each tree in its current form. They'll also use the best approach to get the desired results without stressing or harming the tree.

What Should the Trees Look Like?

When an arborist gets to your property, they will see the effect of having overgrown trees. You may also have a desired look that you'd like the trimming expert to help you with. So, ensure you outline your requirements to the expert before they start trimming. Whether you want your house to get more light, shade specific areas, maintain safe clearances for your vehicle or utility lines, or improve visibility, outline your goals. 

Before the arborist starts working, they will assess the trees and determine if your goals can be attained. Remember, an arborist follows a particular code of ethics, so they will not perform some form of tree work if it'll damage the plant.

Is It the Right Time to Trim the Trees?

Although tree trimming can be done at any time, there are certain factors you should consider. For instance, certain trees can only be pruned at particular times. Fruit trees should be trimmed when they are dormant if the objective is to increase fruit production. 

Spring-flowering trees need pruning after the flowering phase. Oak trees will require trimming in winter to avert wilting. Arborists understand the trimming phases for different trees, so if they don't recommend it, don't ignore their advice. 

Contact a tree trimming service near you to learn more.