Everything You Need To Know About Tree Stump Grinding

Posted on: 31 January 2022


When a tree is lost due to a storm or disease, it can leave an unsightly stump in the middle of your yard. Here's what you need to do next.

Can you just leave a tree stump in the yard?

While you can just leave the stump, many homeowners find that the stumps are unattractive to look at and are an unwanted visual distraction in their yard. Furthermore, insects can infest the stump and become a nuisance.

Is it better to grind a tree stump down or remove it?

Residential tree stump grinding is the most effective method of removing a tree stump. While small trees can be pulled out of the ground with brute force and a pick-up truck, they can leave a sizeable hole in your yard once all the roots are removed. For larger trees, forceful removal is not possible. Residential tree stump services can quickly and easily grind the stump down to remove the bulk of it.

How deep should you grind a tree stump?

Ideally, you should ask a residential tree stump services company to grind your stump to a depth of at least four inches below the ground level. This allows you to cover the area with dirt and plant grass seed. Once the seed grows and the grass fills in, you will not be able to tell that a tree was once growing there.

Can you leave the sawdust from tree stump grinding in your yard?

It is important to remove the sawdust, chips, and other grindings from your yard. While your first instinct is to leave them and allow them to decompose, don't. Sawdust like this can take years to decompose and can negatively affect the pH of the surrounding soil. Additionally, if you lost your original tree due to disease, the remains leftover from the residential tree stump grinding could spread that disease to other nearby plants.

What should you do with the sawdust from residential tree stump grinding?

Just as you don't want the sawdust to decompose for years in your yard, you also do not want it to take years to decompose in your compost pile. Instead, ask the residential tree stump service that you used if they will remove the debris as part of their service. 

With residential tree stump grinding and proper removal of the debris, you can get rid of your unsightly tree stump and grow a nice lawn in its place. 

Contact a residential tree stump grinding service for more information.