How To Take Care Of Your Trees This Summer

Posted on: 13 April 2021


Summer is a wonderful time for the trees on your property. Throughout the summer season, you can expect your trees to bloom fully and grow far more than they do any other season. Because of this, the warmer months of the year is a great time to add some effort into assisting in the flourishing of your trees. In order to ensure that your trees are able to thrive during the summer, there are a few maintenance tasks that you will need to do. Keep reading to learn what these are.


Whether you are talking about flowers or trees, fertilization is crucial for the growth of all plants. Fertilization is an important step in the maintenance of your trees, as it provides them with vital nutrition that helps them grow and protects them against any stressors related to the environment. For optimal results, you should reach out to a tree care professional who can apply fertilizer to the tree roots prior to summer fully setting in.


Because the summer months can reach excruciating temperatures, it is incredibly important for your trees to be watered during this time of year. The roots need water in order to stimulate growth. However, the sun can dry up a significant amount of the moisture from the soil, leaving little to nothing for the roots to drink. Therefore, you should speak to a tree care professional who can ensure that the proper irrigation is installed near your trees so that they are receiving adequate hydration throughout the summer as well as the rest of the year.


Pruning is a process that involves the management of the size of your trees. Pruning also ensures that a tree's nutrients are able to effectively reach each part of the trunk and branches so that it can grow properly. Usually, pruning takes place during the fall, but some trees may require this maintenance task during the summer. Pay attention to the condition of your tree so that you know if pruning is necessary during the summer. It is necessary if you notice any of the branches appear diseased or dead. You can contact a tree service professional to take care of the pruning for you.

To ensure that your residential property and trees look great this summer, contact a tree service near you to take care of the aforementioned maintenance tasks associated with your trees. Likewise, contact a tree service for more information.