Challenges For A Tree Removal

Posted on: 30 March 2021


Removing a tree isn't always as easy as chopping through the trunk. Safety concerns, combined with the size of the tree, can lead to major challenges. 

Nearby Buildings

Large trees growing near the house or up against a building pose the risk of damaging the building's structure during removal. A tree service has to work carefully, typically in segments, in order to remove the tree with no damage to the buildings that are nearby. Generally, this means first removing all of the limbs. The branches may need to be attached to cables first, as well, so they don't fall onto the building. Then the trunk is cut down in segments from the top-down, with each segment carefully lowered to the ground with the aid of a special pulley system. 

Passing Traffic

Tree removal along a street or busy pedestrian way poses a safety challenge. Typically permits must be acquired first so that the streets and sidewalks can be closed down for the removal window. This also means that the tree service has to work efficiently since shutdowns are usually only allowed for a predetermined amount of time. Signage and barricades must be set up ahead of time. If there is parking on the street, the vehicle owners must be notified in advance and towing has to be arranged for any vehicles that fail to move by the allotted tree removal day.  

Overhead Utilities

Power lines are a huge concern when it comes to safety and avoiding electrocution, but even cable and telephone lines can pose a hazard during tree removal. A tree or limb hung up in a line can cause injury or major damage. Generally, the removal service must notify all overhead utilities ahead of the removal. Electricity may need to be shut off until the tree is disentangled from the wires. Specially trained removal technicians will carefully limb the tree and then bring it down in segments, using much the same techniques as those utilized for trees growing near a building. 

Underground Utilities

Underground utilities can also be a concern, particularly if the tree roots are going to be dug out with a backhoe or ground down with a stump grinder. If the tree is located near gas, water, or sewer lines, the proper utilities may need to be notified so that they can be shut down until the removal process is complete. 

Contact a tree removal service if you have a challenging tree on your property that needs to be taken down.