5 Reasons Not To Put Off Tree Pruning

Posted on: 3 March 2021


To humans, trees may seem to grow very slowly, so pruning a tree to keep it growing correctly may not seem like the most urgent task. However, if you procrastinate on this task, a variety of problems could arise. Here are five reasons not to put off tree pruning. 

1. Pruning at regular intervals can help control disease

One priority at any tree pruning session is removing branches that are diseased. If a branch has a disease such as a canker, removing it could keep the disease from spreading. If not removed, the canker could spread and eventually kill the tree.

2. Putting off pruning could mean you end up pruning at the wrong time

If you avoid scheduling a tree pruning session for long enough, you may end up with an urgent need for trimming at a very inopportune time. For instance, you could find a weak branch breaking under the strain of its flowers or fruit. You'll then need to have that branch removed so it doesn't fall and hurt someone, but it's inopportune because you'll lose the fruit it bears.

3. Pruning removes dead wood that could otherwise fall and cause damage

Another type of branch that's likely to fall is a branch that's already dead or dying. Sometimes these branches die because of an injury or illness, but other times they're simply too shaded and the tree decides to cut its losses because they aren't pulling their weight in photosynthesis. These branches are at risk of falling until removed by tree pruning services.

4. Pruning professionals can help detect other tree issues

Another reason why you shouldn't avoid professional pruning is because tree professionals may find other issues that you didn't know about. For instance, your pruning professional may be able to tell you if the tree needs to be cabled or braced for structural reasons. If the tree has structural problems, it could be at risk of falling or splitting until braced.

5. Neglecting pruning may mean lots of pruning is needed at once

If you let your tree run rampant for an extra year or two, the amount of growth that needs to be cut back will be a lot larger. This is a problem because if you try to have it all removed at once, you could end up with undesirable results. For example, the tree may become stressed and send up suckers and watersprouts.

These are just a few reasons why tree pruning should never be neglected; you can't always simply pick up where you left off, and your trees may cause hazards or develop issues in the meantime. For more information about tree pruning, contact local tree pruning services in your area.