3 Reasons Your Trees Will Benefit From Winter Trimming

Posted on: 29 December 2020


When you own a commercial property, you have to keep up with tree care so the trees stay attractive and so they don't pose a danger to the public. Tree trimming can be done any time of the year, but winter is an especially good time. Here are three reasons your trees will benefit from winter tree trimming. 

1. Damaged Growth Can Be Seen And Removed

When a tree is full of leaves, it's often difficult to assess the condition of the branches. Once leaves are gone, the tree trimmer can find dead, diseased, and problem branches much more easily so they can be trimmed away.

Getting rid of dead branches and branches growing the wrong way is important for the health and appearance of a tree and also to protect people on your property from being hurt by falling branches.

2. Unbalanced Branches Or Limbs Can Be Removed

Ice is a serious threat to trees in the winter. Even healthy branches and limbs can snap off under the weight of it. When the leaves are gone, a tree expert can tell if a big branch is unbalanced. If so, the branch might snap off easily under the weight of ice. These limbs can be trimmed back so your tree is safer when it's covered in ice and snow later in the winter.

3. Winter Trimming Leads To Lush Spring Growth

Tree trimming won't slow a tree's growth in the spring. If anything, winter trimming helps a tree be even healthier in the spring and have lush leaves or a bounty of flowers.

Tree trimming might be necessary in the spring in certain situations, but when it's done then, the tree has to direct its resources to healing the cuts, which might affect the growth and beauty of the tree's leaves or flowers. When the tree is trimmed in the winter, the tree has recovered by spring and it can focus on producing healthy blooms and leaves.

Winter can be a good season for routine tree maintenance and trimming. Your trees might need emergency care in the winter too if ice snaps off a large branch or limb. A damaged tree should always be taken care of right away so it can be saved and so it isn't a hazard on your property.

The tree trimming service might not be available when it's icy or snowing heavily, but they can still provide services in the winter caring for tree emergencies and doing routine trimming. If you haven't had your trees trimmed lately, it might be a good time to do it, even if it's winter and cold outside. Contact a tree trimming service for more information.