Have Dead Trees Removed Before You Buy That Home

Posted on: 3 November 2020


When you find a home that you think you want to buy, it is important to pay attention to the outside of the home, too, and not just the inside. In particular, take a look at the trees. If there are any that are dead or in very poor condition, it is generally a good idea to arrange to have them removed before you move in. Here's a closer look at why this is so important — along with some tips for getting it done.

Why is having dead trees removed prior to move-in important?

Dead trees are a hazard. If they are located anywhere near the house, there is a chance they could fall or drop a large branch on the home. They could do similar damage to a fence or a garage, which would not be as large of a tragedy, but would still certainly be an inconvenience. You really do not want to get a call from your real estate agent the day before you're supposed to move in and find out that a tree has fallen on a roof. Also, if a tree causes property damage before closing, determining who is liable to pay the related repair costs can be a cumbersome battle.

How should you have the trees removed?

There are a couple of options here. First, you and your real estate agent could try asking the seller to have the trees removed outside the contract. In other words, you would agree to make an offer on the home only after the trees have been removed. This strategy tends to work in less-competitive markets if there are not several other buyers lined up and waiting to make an offer.

Another option is to make an offer contingent on the removal of the trees. For instance, if the house is listed for $150,000, you could offer to pay $148,000, but only if the trees are removed prior to closing. This approach tends to work better in a competitive market when you need to get your offer in quickly.

If the seller agrees to remove the trees, it will typically be up to them to find and hire a tree removal company. Once the trees are down, you and your building inspector can confirm they have been removed, and then you can move forward with the sale.

It's not a good idea to buy a house with dead trees on the property. Arrange to have them removed before you move in; doing so will protect you. For more information on why you should remove your dead trees, talk to a tree removal service today.