Have Fruit Trees On Your Property? Follow These Tips To Trim Them

Posted on: 25 September 2020


One aspect of your yard that can be a bit difficult to maintain are your trees. With there being so many different types of trees, you'll want to make sure that you are following the best practices when it comes time to trim them. Follow these tips for when you need to trim fruit trees.

Trim During The Right Time 

While you always want to check with when it is best to prune the specific fruit tree that you have; the time should fall somewhere in the winter or the beginning of spring weather. This is because it is a time when the fruit tree's branches will be bare, so you can easily reach inside of it to trim pieces off and see the whole tree's structure without the fruit getting in the way. Trimming at this time will also help the tree prepare for when the fruit starts to grow on it. 

Use The Best Tools For The Job

It can be easy to trim a fruit tree if you have the best tools for the job. You should have loppers, which will help you clip off the thin branches of the fruit tree with ease. A pole trimmer can also help you reach branches that are high up without having to get on a ladder. A hand saw can work great for those branches low to the ground where you can easily reach them.

Just make sure that your tools are very sharp, or you'll have trouble going through the branches to make a cut. Take the time to sharpen the blades, and then put them away in a dry area so that they do not rust when not being used. If you use rusty blades, you could end up damaging the tree during the pruning process.

Know What Limbs To Remove

When picking what to remove from the fruit tree first, start with any limbs that are damaged or have a disease. Then you can start removing the limbs that are growing in odd directions to help the tree form a visually appealing shape. If you do remove any diseased branches, make sure to clean your tools before moving to a different part of the fruit tree to prevent any spread of the disease. 

Not confidence when it comes to tree trimming? Hire a professional to handle it for you to ensure the job is done right.