How To Take Better Care Of Your Plum Tree

Posted on: 15 May 2020


Plum trees are some of the best trees you can grow in your backyard. Not only do they present you with fluffy, pinkish blooms every spring, but come summer or fall, you get to enjoy juicy plums. Of course, you only get to enjoy both of these things if your plum trees are in good condition, and you can achieve that by offering them the best care. Here are some ways to take better care of your plum tree.

Letting a professional handle the pruning

Plum trees should be pruned each winter. Any damaged branches should be removed, and any branches that cross over or rub against one another should also be removed, as these won't do a good job of bearing fruit. The thing is, determining what branches to remove is harder than it sounds, and you also have to have great equipment to ensure your cuts are clean. Instead of attempting to prune the plum tree yourself, just hire a tree service. The job will probably take them less than an hour and cost you around $50 for a single tree — maybe even less in some areas.

Mulch around the tree

See if your tree service delivers mulch (many do), or buy a few bags of mulch at a local garden center. Spread the mulch in a circle around the tree, leaving the area directly around the trunk clear. The mulch will help your plum tree grow in two ways. First, it keeps the soil moist, and more moisture means more plums. Second, it breaks down to add nutrients to the soil, and those nutrients make your plums more flavorful and plentiful.

Have the trees sprayed

There is a tendency towards all-natural and organic farming, and if you really want to grow your plums without any spraying, it is possible. However, if you're looking to boost your harvest, or if your plums have been bothered by fungi or insects before, spraying really is a good idea. Have a tree service come spray the tree just before it flowers and again once the fruit sets. This will help the tree fight off fungal diseases so it can dedicate more resources to fruiting, and it will keep insects from bothering the fruit, too.

If you employ the tips above, your plum tree will be blooming and fruiting like never before. Check out sites like for additional tips and information.