Signs Of Lawn Sprinkler Problems And Repairs Your System Might Need

Posted on: 24 March 2020


Sprinklers keep your lawn healthy and lush all season, as long as the sprinklers are positioned the right way and working properly. Problems with sprinklers are common since it's easy to bump one with a mower. Plus, sprinkler heads can get clogged easily with soil. Here are signs your sprinklers need to be checked and some repairs that might have to be done.

Signs Of Lawn Sprinkler Problems

It's possible for a line under the ground to break, and that could cause a higher-than-normal water bill. If your water bill is high, and you can't find a cause inside your house, the problem could be a leak in your sprinkler system.

Another sign is when there are brown spots in your yard. These can develop when sprinkler heads don't have as much power as they should or when they've been bumped out of position and parts of your lawn don't receive enough water.

Be sure to watch your sprinklers in action occasionally since this helps you catch problems, such as heads that spray in the wrong direction, low water coming from the heads, and zones that don't work at all.

Sprinkler Repairs That Might Be Needed

The most common repairs you'll probably have to do involve the sprinkler heads. These can break easily when they're made of plastic. Broken sprinkler heads need to be replaced, and clogged heads need to be rinsed out. You can probably do these repairs yourself unless a head is stuck due to hard water minerals or corrosion.

Sprinkler problems can go beyond malfunctioning heads, so if changing a head doesn't work, or if you don't feel comfortable changing and positioning the heads, then call a sprinkler repair service for help.

Other repairs your sprinklers might need involve repairing cracks in supply lines and repairing problems with the electrical system. Much of the sprinkler system is buried under the ground, including the valve box, so it might be difficult to pinpoint and repair problems. Rather than dig your yard up looking for trouble areas, call a sprinkler repair professional to use their diagnostic equipment to find and repair issues.

It's always good to hire a professional to check and service your sprinkler system at the beginning of each season, but problems can develop during the summer too, especially with the heads. Problems should always be repaired promptly so you don't waste money watering the streets and so your grass doesn't suffer from a lack of water and turn brown.

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