Three Important Benefits From Regular Tree Trimming Services

Posted on: 14 February 2020


Trimming trees is a vital part of keeping them healthy and growing well, but involves so much more than just aesthetics or cutting a tree down to size. What your trees needs can depend on several different factors, and is helpful for protecting them from diseases and pests, promoting growth, and keeping your property safe from damage. Here are three ways professional tree trimmers can help you.

Get the Right Treatment

Trimming can get a more more complex than it might initially appear. Proper trimming technique can depend on anything from what time of year it is, how old and big your trees, the species of your trees, and any individual needs they may have. With at least a thousand different species of trees in North America alone, it can be tough to keep up with how different trees should be taken care of throughout the year.

The purpose of trimming isn't just to keep trees' growth in check; it can also encourage healthy growth, help grow more fruit, and help it stay resilient against pests and disease. Likewise, improperly trimmed trees can make them more likely to be affected by a disease or attract harmful pests. Professionals can also work more long term on damage or disease that may have affected older trees, saving trees that may otherwise need to be removed. Long term, proper trimming will have noticeably positive effects on your trees.

Catch Pests and Diseases

No matter how large, strong, and healthy trees get, they are susceptible to many different diseases and pest infestations. These can cause your trees to lose leaves, cause sections of your trees to die off, or weaken your trees' trunk and root structure, making them more likely to fall over. If caught early, diseases and infestations can be treated with minimal loss to your trees, sometimes through the use of pesticides and sometimes with extra pruning. What you'll need will depend on what kind of trees you have and what they're infected with.

The problem with many diseases is that they may not cause much visible damage early on unless you know what you're looking for. You may notice curling, spotting, or discolored leaves, holes or cracks in the bark, or raised roots. Even with visible signs it can be difficult to ascertain how far along the infection is and what treatment your tree needs.

Some diseases and infestations can take up to a few months to a few years to fully kill a tree, but catching these things early on is vital. Part of regular tree service entails constant professional inspection, which means your trees will stay safe and healthy before any diseases or creatures cause too much harm.

Safeguard Your Property

Trees that aren't trimmed or monitored properly could potentially pose a risk to the safety of your property, which can include your house, vehicles, or even people. If trees aren't taken care of and trimmed the way they should be, and they become weakened, sick, or infested with pests, they may lose branches, start to lean, or fall over.

Getting your trees trimmed by professionals can help by doing more than just monitoring the health of your tree. Dead or hollowed-out branches can look deceptively healthy and can be dangerous to try to trim yourself, especially if they're large or high up. These branches can be safely removed, which negates the risk of heavy branches falling unexpectedly. This in turn can stop the spread of disease or pest infestation. Trimming can also remove branches or growths that may be dangerous in inclement weather, like heavy rain or high winds, even if those growths are healthy.